Our Leadership

Throughout the New Testament Scriptures, the leaders of church are variously called elders, pastors, and overseers. The most common metaphor used to describe their responsibility is to "shepherd the flock of God."

The elders are a group of qualified men who are accountable to God and one another for shepherding the church in humility. They meet regularly for study and prayer as they care for the health of the church family.

  • Doug Elliott, elder

  • barry glaser, elder


  • Phil jackson, jr., elder

  • phil jackson, sr., elder

  • Jim Strietelmeier, ELDER

    Jim and Debbie Strietelmeier are Moody Bible Institute graduates who have ministered among the poor throughout their lives, and at Neighborhood Fellowship since 1996. They have four biological children, and four adopted children. They live in the neighborhood they work in, caring for the poor on the near east side of Indianapolis and are committed to ministering to individuals’ souls, minds and bodies. Some of the ways this is carried out practically is through the work of preaching God’s word, a free medical clinic, the Neighborhood Academy, Mother’s Club, job training, hunger relief, and crisis intervention.