Neighborhood Academy

Neighborhood Academy has served to provide children in difficult circumstances with an education for the last 20 years. We have had as few as four students and as many as twenty. The point of the school is to help those in our church community who have not been able to thrive in the public school. Many of the leaderships children have also attended Neighborhood Academy. We are called by God to love the children of our church as we would love ourselves. In some ways we are homeschooling other people's children with the help of the volunteers.

Caring for the Children

Our curriculum is chosen and developed by the school's Principle and main Teachers. Each child's needs are individually assess and met both by their main Teachers and the many Volunteers. Our Volunteers are mainly retired grandmas and grandpas, or stay at home moms who take our curriculum and are able to build into the lives of each of these children. 

If you would like more information about Neighborhood Academy or if you are interested in joining us a volunteer please contact:

Please be aware that all volunteers will be required to attend an interview with the principle and submit a pastoral reference before working with any of our children. 

If you are interested in Volunteering with Neighborhood Academy please contact James Nilson or Hannah Nilson.

If you are interested in financially supporting Neighborhood Academy please follow this LINK